Boredom in Quarantine

Social Distancing is vital to preventing the spread of coronavirus amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Children are facing a difficult time during summers instead of monkeying around and playing with their friends.

Students are thinking of ways and means to bunk the digital classes and sneak into their blankets to watch their favorite episode of FRIENDS.

Employees are trying to maintain their work-life balance between showing up clean and tidy during their on-screen Zoom presentations and cleaning the dirty sink in the kitchens off-screen.

Mothers are facing a hard time keeping their kids immersed in productive activities along with doing all the household chores, feeding the hungry monkeys and keeping their houses equipped for the difficult days to come.

Who could have thought that a minute virus which is hard to see with the naked eye could create such an imbalance and affect the lives of everyone in such diverse ways?

This tiny microorganism has changed the definition of “Humans being Social animals” to “Humans being Caged animals”.

Coronavirus is understandably starting to take its toll, social lives are shrinking. And with many of us around the world being advised to continue self-isolating for the time being, here are some interesting ways you can keep yourself and your kids and dear ones entertained in the four walls of the house during this pandemic without breaking each other’s heads and forwarding “forwarded as received” messages on Whatsapp.

The good news is that, the internet is responding with more options for social gatherings than ever before, even if you’re living alone.

We’ve rustled up some of our favorite ways to stay entertained if you’re self quarantined or practicing social distancing in the weeks to come.

1. Reconnect with old friends-

We all have friends who stay far off in distant cities and countries and it is difficult to connect due to time difference and busy schedules.

It is time for Virtual connecting while practicing Social Distancing.

2. Help the Home-maker 

It is never a bad idea to chip in and help our mom’s in the kitchen, fill in the empty bottles of water, water the plants and do some zoom broom.

3. Spend some good Family Time

Whats’ more beautiful than spending time and coming together as a family?

You could dust-off the Monopoly, Ludo, Snake and Ladders, and Scrabble and you could find having an amazing time as you re-connect.

Plus you get a perfect chance to nullify your parent’s complaints of you not spending enough time at home.

4. Research is the key

Planning will show you the direction but research is the key.

Make best use of this time to look out for any task that you’ve been procrastinating on like best Gyms near you, best Driving schools, Mutual funds to invest in, best Universities to apply in, screen for an ideal job for you.

5. Watch short films.

We can’t thank technology enough for helping us cope with the isolation. YouTube, Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime have an amazing collection of crisp and meaningful short films with an awakening message on various themes. These films will keep you entertained and not make you a couch potato too.

6. Build Rapport.

We all have people in our lives with whom we feel, it is important to keep a continual bond. These people could be our important clients or teachers who always come handy when we need some grace. It is an ultimate time to break the ice, call them and ask how situations are at their end. This will not only make your relationship amiable but also give you good confidence and exposure!

7. Take up an exercising regimen.

Relaxing on the couch can be fun, but you might get restless after a while. There are dozens of virtual fitness programs to choose from that you can do at home, but its ultimately about finding the one that you like and that fits your lifestyle. Some fitness apps are free, like FitOn and Pocket Yoga, and are packed with features that other apps would charge for. You can also work out with you Google Home or on Youtube. Also, Instagram fitness trainers like Jaclyn Ho, have started streaming live classes on IGTV and you might be able to convince your super fit friend to share their workout too.

8. DIY projects.’

‘Pinterest’ cam keep you entertained for ages with its aesthetically pleasing pictures and ways to be creative. While some might require stuff you don’t have on hand, you might find supplies after you organize that overflowing closet. You can find a project for anyone- whether you want to get creative, organize your kitchen or keep your kids busy.

9. Managing stress.

COVID-19 has likely flooded your timeline and most news media you consume for a while now. That is probably going to remain the case for some time to come. During this period, its vital to manage the stress the crisis could potentially cause. Professor Ciaran O’Boyle details such steps here, including: staying informed, but not consuming too much information; connecting with loved ones, and maintaining a sense of hope.

10. Home-Schooling. 

With schools across the State shut for weeks, many parents are finding themselves plunged into trying to home-school their children. Ideally, teachers will provide lessons, whether online or paper, to help meet children’s academic needs. However, supporting your children to learn at home, while also juggling work and other commitments- can be daunting.

11. Clean the Lutter.

The second best method to keep oneself safe during this pandemic is to keep oneself and one’s surroundings spic and span. Plan to clean and organize all the unnecessary photos and videos from my gallery, delete the spam e-mails, discard expired edibles from the fridge and organize your wardrobe.

It’s always a good idea to clear away the clutter once and for all, post it on OLX and discover the peace of mind that has been hiding underneath.

12. Let’s Go Down the Memory Lane.

Class photographs, art items, old photographs, rose hidden in the favorite novel, childhood toys, old crushes, favorite TV shows, recordings, tapes, and scrapbooks and so much more.

Memories are the things that we hold onto when we cannot go back and create more. One forgets everything else except for that particular incident and feels happy and sad, happy because one can still remember it and sad because it has become a thing of the past. 

Some other compiled suggestions to help make your time quarantined as interesting- and perhaps even as productive as possible –

1. Start a Journal or Blog.

2. Practice your old instrument.

3. Write poetry.

4. Learn Calligraphy.

5. Interview your Grand Parents and save the Audio.

6. Financial planning.

7. Get into Baking.

8. Get into Comics and digital subscriptions.

9. Attempt things with your Non-Dominant Hand.

10. Learn Origami. 

11. Consider donating money to needy.

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